You can freely browse the website viewing or choosing products. You only need to enter as a user if you decide to buy. We need your address to know shipping charges and where to send your purchase.
Many of our items have combinations of sizes, colors, dimensions, etc.. You have to choose between the various options, the page you will be changing the value according to combinations. Can choose different sizes of carpets, purchased separately and stuffed puff sleeves, structures or butterflay chair covers, cushions with or without padding, etc..
It may be that some combination not in stock the day you want to buy it and the page will not let you. Send us a mail to inform you when it will be available
In other cases some products can always buy, even without stock, and that are made, make or buy especially for your order.
If the measure of an article is not the measure that serves you send an email, the quote and if you agree we make it for you.
Eventually the site will derive a different payment system, automatically calculating shipping cost according to weight or volume and delivery destination.


Once you've chosen  products shopping cart will guide to the methods of payment available moving you to  Mercapdo Pago or Paypal, if you want to pay by credit card or other payment means that they include.
The data entry of your credit card is safe, so we redirect you to Mercado pago or Paypal pages, once accepted purchase them come back to our site.
In Argentina also can pay with Pago Facil, Rapipago or bank transfer.

Means of payment available in Argentina
Bank Transfer
Credit cards through MERCADO PAGO platform
Outside of Argentina
Credit Cards VISA MASTERCARD AMERICAN EXPRESS though Paypal platform.

We can send to all the world.

Our system will calculate based on weight, volume and home delivery transport company has to deliver availability and shipping cost automatically.
If there is no transportation to the product or from the system will tell you A QUOTE. Seek the most economical and safe way to deliver your purchase.
The shipping cost is not included in the price of products and discriminate at the final purchase separately, and is under your charge.
Delivery time depends on the product and transportation available. For Argentina we estimate a maximum of 10 days from the time of purchase, if the product is in stock and is not a special order. If you will add a maximum of 30 days to manufacture.
In Argentina the products are delivered through Oca (can choose door to door or removing a branch of Goose), (only products under 70 cm long)
For higher volume shipments we use express, or combine it with you if you deal with some commonly transport your trust.
For shipments outside Argentina, we use FEDEX. We can ship to anywhere in the world. The estimated delivery time is 10 days and it depends on delays beyond our control at customs.
The costs of nationalization in each destination country are NOT included in the shipping. It is solely the responsibility of the recipient.


Customs expenses outside Argentina are not included in the cost of the product or in the delivery.
If you got doubts, ask in your country, because we can not determine the cost at each office of each country. Shipping charges outside Argentina include freight and customs charges only in Argentina.


Most of our products are manufactured in form artisan.
That means that if you order a product color, size or special specification, we can take about 30 days to make it. That will join him normal shipping time.
On the other hand many of our items are made for example with cowhide. In this case if you buy a cowhide product, NEVER, will be the photo, will be similar.
In the case of cowhide rugs we published pictures indicative of different races, colors, geometries of cowhides. I reiterate, that photo NEVER going to be the leather that you buy. Our intention is to be as similar and that you're satisfied with your purchase.
For the manufacture of patchwork rugs take the picture you bought the product and replicated. There may be difference in tone, but always our objetive will be to be the most similar to what you saw. Some designs are always in stock, so delivery may be almost immediate, and in other cases as I said before we will take in manufacture it for you.
We ask that if you do not agree, before making your purchase you contact us by phone 005411-41811174 or email i[email protected] to clarify your doubts regarding the delivery times of special orders or special conditions products.
Our intention is to satisfy you as we do for 23 years in our store.


We only need your details to process your purchase and send it. We will never use your data for anything other than this.


You can contact us by phone 005411-41811174 o by mail to i[email protected]